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January 6 1542

Francisco de Montejo

Population: 950,000

SE. Yucatán Península


Rainy Season:
June to September

Information for tourists can easily be found downtown at:

Tourist Information Center
Corner of calles 60 and 57A

City Tourist Office
Calles 59 and 62



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  Merida Yucatan Hotels and Travel Guide


This Hotels and Travel Guide is and excellent source to find the best rates on hotels, tours and transportation reservations. We have a complete list of the best hotels in Merida and the Yucatan Peninsula. Here you can find restaurants, fun activities, night life and entertainment options.  Information about Mayan archaelogical sites and tourist tips for your travel to Merida. For investors we have Real Estate information and links to other hotels, travel and Real Estate guides.

Merida: Yucatan State's Capital; economic and cultural center of Mexico' South-east, is a tourist destiny of first order. "The white city" of the 20th century, to which poets and troubadours have sung, was founded on January 6, 1542 on the indigenous trace of Ichcaanzihó's city, called also T'hó. The name was granted to it for "to find buildings of worked lime and well carved and with many moldings as which the Romans did in Merida, that of Spain".

The sacred stones of the indigenous temples served to construct the houses and buildings of the conquerors, as well as the temples of the new Christian faith. Inside the mosaic that they form the diverse regions of the country, the people of this place are distinguished by their hospitality and the pride that feel by their Mayan and Spanish inheritance.

Merida had an urban concentric development during all the colony. The indigenous towns slowly were converted into neighborhoods because the push of the Spanish population growth and they reproduced in their interior similar characteristic to those of the central nucleus, always with the church and the central square as governing axes.

During the centuries XVII and XVIII, the city marked its limits through seven "arches" constructed by the Military Engineer Manuel Jorge de Zezera, the urban overflow surrounded them and today only three remain as witnesses of what was the city in other epochs: San Juan, Dragoons and that of the Bridge.
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El explorador no admite los marcos flotantes o no está configurado actualmente para mostrarlos.

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MEXICO 01 800 272 2304
WORLDWIDE   0052 998 287 36 17


In Merida, originality and dominion are united with the ancient and the new thing, the respect to the tradition and the modern urban development. Crossing its streets and sites of interest: museums, parks, markets, malls, boutiques, stores of crafts and typical clothes allow to offer all a range of possibilities to the traveler.

In the nights Merida can turn out to be fascinating with coffees outdoors, restaurants of first, serenades, concerts, discoteques, night centers or walks in maggot. In Sunday it is possible to walk in search of crafts, a good work of popular art or some spectacle of folkloric dances. In any day and at any hour the yucatecan food can turn out to be a pleasing experience.

In Merida the services satisfy to the most demanding taste because it arranges from inns to hotels of great luxury, travel agencies, rent a cars and buses, restaurants and visits to the archaeological zones.


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