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The Beaches of Yucatán:

The beaches of Yucatan, with more than 370 km of length, offer magnificent scenes and a comfortable stay to visitors, because they have all the necessary services to feel at home.

A peculiar attraction is the yucatecan summer; summer houses were built all across the beaches where the yucatecans escape the tropical heat of Merida during the months of July and August, as well as in Easter. At the end of the seventies, a group of Canadians and Americans discovered that Progreso, Chicxulub and Chelem are winter paradises, and to date they continue to visit, captivated by its warm climate, affordable rents and safe atmosphere.

Progreso: Front door to the mayan world
Here you can take a stroll by the seafront, enjoy the breeze and savor the delicious regional food in the many restaurants that border the port’s seafront.

Thanks to its modern deep-sea port, a tourist meeting point and a border open to the commercial exchange with the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, nowadays it is the arrival point of numerous tourism cruises from all over the world, out of which an endless number of passengers disembark to enjoy not only its natural charm and its exquisite flavor of historic port, but also the peace and tranquility of its people.

From here you can get to know the whole state, in tourist routes designed for day visitors or for those who wish to spend the night in colorful hotels with a view to the sea.

Its superb position within the Yucatan Peninsula and its touristic infrastructure makes of Progreso the most important port of the state. It is an optimal spot for the practice of the most varied aquatic sports: windsurfing, kayaking.

It is located to the north, 36 km from Merida by highway 261. You will find a traditional market, a plaza, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, foreign exchange houses, taxis, banks and shops of traditional crafts.

Progreso port- Telchac port corridor
Important zone to visit and enjoy the beauty of the different ports of the Yucatan coast, including Progreso, Chicxulub, Uaymitun, San Benito and Telchac Port. You will be able to enjoy its white sands, warm climate and wonderful beaches. You will find places to lodge and to enjoy the delight of dishes made with fresh fish caught during the day.

Telchac Port: ideal place to practice swimming and to enjoy a good rest. It has a more traditional flavor of a peaceful port. It is very pleasant to stroll by the plaza; the small seafront and the lighthouse give it a very peculiar flavor. Close by is the beautiful Pink Lagoon, home to migratory birds and Uaymitún, refuge of the pink flamingo. It is located 69 km to the northeast of the city of Merida by highway number 281.

It is here where every year beautiful migratory birds arrive, like the Canadian duck, among others. Also worthy of a visit are the fortifications that the old inhabitants built to protect themselves from the incursions of terrible pirates.

Located to the west of Yucatan, it is located 53 km from the city of Merida.

El Cuyo
Protected zone that harbors a fascinating and impressive flora and fauna, this fantastic and hidden site can be considered to be a true jewel for the lovers of peace and nature. It is surrounded by palms, coconuts and majestic ceibas, considered to be the representative tree of Yucatan, which dates back to such remote times as those of the Mayan culture.

It is located two hours from Cancún and three and a half hours from Merida. Services: motorboat rides, restaurants, cabins and rent of quad bikes to cross the port.

Celestún (Flamingos beach) where the beauty of the Temple of the Purest Conception stands out, is located in the municipal capital and dating from the end of the XIX century. The reserve of the biosphere of Celestún is an ecological park of unparalleled beauty, it is the sanctuary for the protection of more than 300 species of birds, including the flamingos. You can take a one or two hours tour to travel across the surroundings of the arm of the sea. Visit the Island of the Birds, the Sanctuary of the Flamingos or the Petrified Forest.

El explorador no admite los marcos flotantes o no está configurado actualmente para mostrarlos.


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