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Mérida Driving Tips:

Driving Tips: Driving in the Yucatan is safe and easy. The peninsula is flat and most roads are well-maintained. Occasional thunder storms may impair visibility, so it's important to inspect your windshield wipers before your trip. On particularly hot days, driving at high-speed on smoldering asphalt can cause blow-outs, so check your tire pressure and tread wear as well.

The most common road hazards are topes, or speed bumps, encountered mostly in villages and on rural roads. They are generally marked by a sign, but not always.


All gasoline is distributed by the national oil company Petroleos Mexicanos, known as PEMEX. These ubiquitous green and white gas stations are abundant in the cities and towns of the Yucatan, but if your destination is a distant jungle ruin or a long drive on the Gulf coast, start with a full tank. In Pemex's stations are full service. At your request, the attendant will fill the tank with "magna" or "Premium". He will wash the windshields and check the oil. After receiving service, it is customary to tip the attendant with five or six pesos. You can also buy snacks and visit the sanitario or restroom.

Green Angels:
Mexico has a wonderful roadside assistance service called Angeles Verde or the Green Angels. These are auto mechanics in green utility trucks who patrol the major roads. They can provide gas, oil, tire repair and other minor maintenance, as well as arrange towing. They only charge for parts. Their labor is free and they don't accept tips. They are currently celebrating 32 years of service.


The Yucatan, and all of Mexico, uses the metric system. All distances are given in kilometers. To convert kilometers to miles, multiply by 0.62.

Distances from Merida in Miles:

Yucatán Zone

Dzibilchaltun: 14 miles
Progreso: 22 miles
Telchac Puerto: 38 miles
Izamal: 44 miles
Uxmal: 50 miles
Celestun: 52 miles
Kabah: 63 miles
Loltun: 70 miles
Chichen Itza: 75 miles
Valladolid: 100 miles
Río Lagartos: 165 miles

Campeche Zone.
Campeche: 157 miles

Q. Roo Zone.
Cancun: 199 miles

Playa del Carmen: 240 miles
Tulum: 296 miles

Chiapas Zone:
Palenque: 346 miles
Agua Azul: 384 miles
San Cristobal: 493 miles

Mexico DF.
Mexico City: 946 miles

Toll Roads:
Highway 18 from Merida becomes the 180 toll road, also called a cuota or carretera de cobro, going east to Cancun and south-west toward Campeche. This four-lane speedway is by far the fastest route from one end of the peninsula to the other. Using it, you can avoid 83 topes and 43 villiages. Along the way, you will encounter toll booths or casetas de cobro. Expect to pay $24 USD between Merida and Cancun. Have pesos in hand because the exchange rates at the toll booths are less than generous

Bus Services:

Merida has a wonderful bus system. Most buses are clean, modern and well-maintained. Some first class busses are air-conditioned, have bathrooms and even a snack bar. In some towns, you can also take a combi, a car or van maintained and dispatched by a collective. Using the bus system, you can travel anywhere you might want to go.


Outside Mérida:
Most of the areas around Merida are reachable by bus.

To go to Progreso, take the bus at the Progreso Terminal, at Calle 62, between 65 and 67. This bus travels north on Calle 64 stops for passengers further up on this street.

Dzibichaltun ruins's can be reached by the bus for Chablecal, at Autocentro on Calle 62, between Calle 67 and 69, with several departures per day.

You can go to Izamal by catching a bus at the station located on the corner of Calle 69 and 68.

Ticul and other towns south of Merida can be reached by combi and bus from Parque San Juan, Calle 64 between 67 and 69. Some buses are direct and some go through many interesting villages. Check out all the interesting destinations on these buses and go!

Celestun, Hunucma, and other villages east of Merida can be reached by buses from the station on Calle 71 between 64 and 66.

Uxmal and Chichen Itza can be reached by regular buses, from the Terminal Segunda Clase on Calle 71, between 69 and 70.

Busing in the Yucatan is safe, inexpensive and a great way to meet the locals.
Good luck and have fun.

Bus Terminals

Lines: Super Expresso, ADO, Expresso, Uno, ADO-GL and Clase Elite
Destinations: Cancun, Campeche, Ciudad Del Carmen, Veracruz, Minatitlan, E. Zapata, Palenque, Puebla, Mexico City, Valladolid, Ocosingo, Tuxtla Gtz, Playa Del Carmen, Chichen Itza, San Cristobal de las Casas, Tulum, Cordoba.
Location: Calle 70 #555 x71, Merida
Tel: (999) 924 8391
Tel: (999) 923 4440
Tel: (999) 923 4443

Lines: ATS, TPR, Oriente, Del Mayab
Destinations: Calkini, Campeche, Ciudad del Carmen, Champoton, Escarcega, Villahermosa, Uman, Halacho, Pomuch, Izamal, Valladolid, Tizimin, Coba, Tulum, Muna, Ticul, Oxkutzcab, Tekax, Peto, Carrillo Puerto, Cancun, Becal, Playa de Catazaha, Hecelchakan, Chichin Itza, Playa del Carmen, Palenque, Ocosingo, San Cristobal, Tuxtla Gtz, Acayucan, Puebla, Mexico City.
Location: Calle 69 #544 x 68 y 70, Merida
Tel: (999) 923 2287
Tel: (999) 923 4440

Destinations: Celestun, Cancun, Izamal, Seye, Sotuta, Hoctun, Yaxcaba, San Cristobal, Acanceh, Cantamayec, Cuzama, Chapab, Cholul, Chumayel, Eknakan, Homun, Mayapan, Tepich, Teabo, Ticul, Mana, Mani, Huhi, Tekit, Oxkutzcab, Baca, Calotmul, Canshacab, Chicxulub Puerto, Colonia Yucatan, Conkal, Buctzotz, Dzemul, El Cuyo, Dzidzantun, Las Colorados, Ria Lagartos, Telchac, Chiquila, Holbox.
Location: Calle 50 #531 x 65 y 67, Merida
Tel: (999) 924 8055
Tel: (999) 924 7565
Tel: (999) 924 6355

Lines: Super Expresso, ADO-GL, Uno
Destination: Cancun
Location: Calle 60 x Colon, Merida
Tel: (999) 925 0910

Destination: Progreso
Location: Calle 62 #524 x 65 y 67
Tel: (999) 928 3965

Co-operative Taxi Services
Destinations: Dzibilchaltun, Club de Golf la Ceiba, Chablekal
Location: Calle 69, Parque de San Juan

El explorador no admite los marcos flotantes o no está configurado actualmente para mostrarlos.


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